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Hyundai Engineering upgraded IT infrastructure security system

Hyundai Engineering IT security improvements have its dry run since October 14 2010 for their final implementation scheduled November 1 2010. Account management system is based on Microsoft AD (Active Directory) Infrastructure that will tighten the data security of the company.

This is a much secured system that wont allow anybody to use flash drive or any portable drive when saving files and data sharing also is blocked to avoid sending or exporting data to any means which is not monitored by the company.  The only means to transmit file is the Email system which also features the high control from the IT department. We expect that the efficiency and security of data management will be increased by establishing the system, which integrates server accounts which were operated separately or shared into one directory, creating unified certification system for each user, insider said.. 

And, we can prevent breach of security including leaking of information through integrating and centralizing ID data and management system that will remove dormant account, shared account, and creating unnecessary access account fundamentally. External files from portable drives could be read and could be stored to the computer system but changes from those files could not be save anymore in the portable drives as it has a 1 way access (IN no OUT system)

Active Directory: An inclusive solution of account integration and access management, required for identifying user and administrating the access of system resource by assigned level of authority. Though there are few disadvantages for this system, the company may prefer to have it this way than to allow leaked of data from different sources.

An external IT analyst found out a security weakness of this system as South Korea is very dependent on the sole An Lab security system which is not so effective in blocking harmful viruses which are agent of phishing, spying and etc. According to the external IT analyst who is so familiar with the system; He tried using the An Lab antivirus and An lab internet security but it could not detect and could not remove dangerous Trojan virus, spyware, malwares, and worms that slowly attacking all internet users in South Korea.  A certain phishing worms and virus been detected by other antivirus which become dormant to the online programs of the KB or Kookmin Bank which also possible to the other banks but no action or feedback from the bank so far.


Anonymous said...

Ah really? So how about my online banking with hana bank and Kookmin bank? Would it still be safe if there is a phishing virus in it that would spy my account information?

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