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The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs announced "the appraisal on Construction Capacity of 2010"

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs in South Korea announced the result of the appraisal on construction capacity of 11,293 construction companies and 42,838 specialized construction companies across the country.

* Comprehensive ranking of Appraisal on Construction Capacity

             1st : Hyundai Engineering & Construction

             51st : Hyundai Engineering (placed the 61st in the previous year)

  * The Ranking of the major Construction companies

             2nd : Samsung C&T Corporation,

             3rd : GS Engineering & Construction

             4th : Daewoo Engineering & Construction

Out of the appraisal based on the Construction Records by Major Fields, Hyundai Engineering & Construction has placed the 1st in the field of “Water and Sewage.”



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